Hi there!
I’m an engineer and designer,
living in Seattle.

Current Projects

Watershed, where I'm a senior product engineer building tools to measure and reduce carbon emissions.

Locket Photos, an iPhone app that gives your favorite photo album a place on your home screen. I donate 30% of its revenue to the SUDC Foundation.

devsign.co is where I write about design & development.

Previous Work

Stripe (2021 - 2022), where I was a senior full stack engineer on the Radar team.

Khan Academy (2015 - 2021), where I was the mobile engineering lead. Our small-and-mighty team shipped lots of free education tools for learners around the world.

SwiftTweaks, Khan Academy's open-source Swift tool that helps developers to fine-tune their iOS apps on-device.

Starbucks (2012-2015), where I was a senior designer on their flagship iOS app. I worked on the v3.0 redesign, led mobile-design for mobile ordering, designed/built their Apple Watch app, and prototyped a bunch.

Blixt for App.net (2014), an iOS app with Jesse Herlitz for the now long-gone social network.

I also made BryGuy, a terribly stupid set of iMessage Stickers.

Selected Writing

Our Transition to React Native (2020): An overview of Khan Academy's mobile apps moving from React Native from 2017 to 2020. Some of it's technical, but much of it is about the higher-level things you might expect if you're considering this change!

Custom Navigation Transitions (2019): A thorough walkthrough of setting up custom screen-to-screen animated transitions in iOS. This is one of the trickier bits in working with UIKit - I've long-wanted a thorough walkthrough like this, so when I was building this up for Locket, I made this tutorial to help others learn it too.

Grading Your App with a Weighted GPA (2016): Individual bug reports are super-handy for precisely tracking the fix of an issue - but too-often, piles of UI nits get ignored, even when they add up to a poor overall experience! Give this approach a shot, it's worked well in a few projects over the years!

Rdio, You'll Be Missed (2015): Undoubtably the best music service of all time, Rdio is now long gone. But back when was winding down, I grabbed screenshots and tried to write up what made it such a comfy place to discover and cherish your music.


You can find me on LinkedIn, Mastodon, GitHub, and Instagram.