A year ago

Added on by Bryan.

…a year ago, I lived in San Francisco. (I didn’t even know that I’d be moving.)

…a year ago, Natalia and I were still living in separate places. Now we’re engaged and live in Seattle.

…a year ago, Threadnote was a very, very rough prototype. It was ugly, full of bugs, and while Ryan and I had a vision of what it might be, I felt an uneasiness about how I’d make it work out.

…a year ago, I hadn’t even been contacted about donating my stem cells. (Whoever you are, hope you’re enjoying them!)

…a year ago, I was designing eCommerce websites for Deloitte’s clients. I hadn’t yet transferred into making iOS apps.

…a year ago, I didn’t even know Jesse.

…a year ago, I had an itch to do something more, and I’m really glad I scratched it. Day by day, it didn’t feel like much, but holy shit, looking back? My life is completely different.

Everything changed in 2012. Some of that change was scary. Some of it was dull. Some of it came out of nowhere.

Here’s to 2013.