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For awhile now, I've been kicking around the idea of creating a new website, to write about front-end iOS development.

Today, I'm opening it up. Go check it out:

Whether you're a designer looking to better communicate with an engineer, or wanting to jump in and learn to write front-end code yourself - or whether you're an iOS dev who wants to learn more about design tools and methods so you can improve your eye and ability, that's what I'll be writing about.

Today, if you're a web designer, you damn well better know how to write front-end code. While it's not yet the case for iOS, I imagine that it will be someday soon, especially with the increasing importance of animation and prototyping since iOS 7.

There are some great tools (like Framer and Flinto) for creating prototypes (and I'll write about those, too!) - but your customers don't see your designs and prototypes, they see your final product, and at some point, somebody's going to have to translate the magic numbers and easing curves out of the designs and prototypes and turn them into real code.

I figure that that moment, that shift from design into development, is a place that could use a good amount of attention, no matter where you like to live in the app-creation process.

I've been quietly posting over at for the past couple of months, I hope you enjoy it!